Who we are

Owner and Head Instructor, Sensei Mason Senak, has been studying the art of Karate for over 35 years and holds a 7th-Degree black belt in Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Shido Kan. Their curriculum focuses on building skills in self-defense, self-esteem, concentration, fitness ability, and more! Through his years of training, world-wide competition experience, and teaching, Mason’s experience has given him the ability to create unique training programs for all ages and belt ranks. The dojo offers classes for children ages 4 and up, adults, and students with special needs.

Owner and Instructor, David Senak, is an NJ-Certified Educator and has been studying martial arts for over 40 years. David holds an 8th-Degree black belt in Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Shido Kan. David was a founding owner of Maywood Karate, along with his brothers Michael and Larry, when it opened in 1988. His teaching experience in both formal education and martial arts helps provide the foundation of the curriculum programming for all of our students.

Owner and Business Director, Lauren Senak, holds a B.S. in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine from Montclair State University. Her background as a Strength and Conditioning Coach, Speed Coach, and Personal Trainer contributes to the fitness programming in all of our classes.

Our Instructors

David Senak

Owner & Instructor – 8th dan

Mason Senak

Owner & Head Instructor – 7th dan

Michael Senak

Instructor – 8th dan

Eddie Velazquez

Instructor – 5th dan

Andre Cabaero

Instructor – 5th dan

Matthew Senak

Instructor – 5th dan

Michael Carleo

Instructor – 4th dan

Billy McNally

Instructor – 3rd dan

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4:15PM – 8:30PM

Our studio has specialized in martial arts since 1988 and has one of the most innovative training programs in the nation.